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The difference that matters

While using classic diffusers, most of the Oxygen goes back into the atmosphere without any use. Micro- and nano-bubble diffusers enhance the efficiency, however, at a cost of bringing sludge to the surface, mixing it with feed leftovers, frequently forming a foam.

The failover mechanics

Unlike measuring, the Oxygen concentration and distribution is a highly energy-demanding process. You can prevent the risk of a production system failure with the Foxypure Booster Unit. Let our oil-free compressor continuously fill your high pressure, reserve vessels, which can take over the Oxygen distribution in case of need. Off the grid, working with solar and wind power? Store Oxygen, not the energy to make it.

Bubblin' away the money?

Using compressed air? The atmosphere contains 78% of Nitrogen, thus 78% of the energy used for compressed air distribution is preemptively condemned to be lost. Diffusing concentrated Oxygen? Without proper design and maintaining water conditions, the efficiency may not be higher. There is a number of reasons reason for why top-tier fish farms use precise measuring of dissolved Oxygen and supersaturated water technology.


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Visit to discover our measurement and automation systems. From land-based, over offshore farms to live cargo transport.

Years of proven experience in aquaculture

GRYF HB, spol. s r.o. is premium measuring devices manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in aquaculture, a LLOYD-marine certified, NATO-approved supplier.

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In-tank mixing of Oxygen-supersaturated water with a standard inlet represents the key to lossless Oxygen distribution. A technology proved by high-end farms over decades, at your service.

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